Girls love when their boyfriends show that they think of them randomly throughout the day. You could also send her a funny, sexy or dark-humor meme to make her smile.

You can also demonstrate chivalry by helping her with her coat, pulling out a chair for her at the dinner table or opening the door for her. It makes her feel special and that you respect her.

1. Smile

If a girl smiles at you a lot or laughs at your jokes, it means she likes you. Women are naturally drawn to people who can make them laugh and feel at ease with them. Girls also admire men who are goal-driven and are always working to achieve their dreams.

If she stares at you without a smile, it could mean she is evaluating or judging you. She may be influenced by negative rumors or gossip and is curious to see what your true character is like.

If she is a social butterfly, it means she is looking at you to see who your friends are and what type of circles you move in. This is how she tries to validate herself in her own mind.

2. Be kind

Girls take notice of who you associate with and will unconsciously compare you to the people you hang out with. Make sure that you include her and her friends in your social circle.

Be friendly with everyone around you, but don’t be a sleeze bag or she may get the impression that she’s just your play thing. Girls love guys that are generous with their time and effort, so offer to help her or anyone else out.

Text her exciting things that happened during your day, and be a bit playful with her. Light teasing will make her laugh and show that you’re not afraid of putting yourself in front of others. Girls also appreciate guys that are self-deprecating, as they tend to see this as a sign of confidence.

3. Be witty

Whether you’re texting her or talking to her in person, it’s important to be witty and playful. If she sees that you have a sense of humor, it will help her to become attracted to you.

Try to tease her, use wit in conversation, include humorous pop culture references, or tell funny stories. Girls love to laugh, so being able to make her giggle is a huge plus. It also shows that you’re intelligent, which is another attractive trait for girls.

If you want to be even more witty, try adding some unexpected voice inflections to your jokes. Just be careful not to overdo it, or she might think that you’re desperate. She’ll notice if you seem like you’re trying too hard to be funny.

4. Be confident

Girls notice guys who are confident, and it gives them a sense that you have the ability to do anything. You don’t have to walk around like a macho guy with your shoulders back and head held high, but simply being able to hold her gaze longer than others will show that you have some level of confidence in her.

Girls also notice the kind of people you hang out with, so make sure to have some great friends that she can see. When she knows that you’re a popular guy, she will unconsciously start to value her time with you. Just don’t be too much of a show-off as it will come off as creepy.

5. Be yourself

Girls are intrigued by a guy who has his own life and passions outside of chasing down a girl. They like guys who are goal-driven and make solid plans for the future. They also like guys who are confident in their own skin and carry themselves in a way that makes them seem like they have a sense of purpose, which is an attractive masculine trait.

When you are interacting with her, try to be genuine and make her feel special by complimenting her. It will make her want to engage with you more. However, don’t make sexual jokes or comments because that can turn her off and give her the impression that you are obsessed with her body or sex. Be careful not to overdo it either, as she may be uncomfortable.