Girls are tough to get as they know that confidence and maintaining the veil of mystery can go a long way. But that lovely lady still gets butterflies when courted, and you can make it magical by making her feel good. 

So, how do you date Brisbane escorts and make them pay attention to your every desire? Well, there’s no magic formula in getting any woman’s attention, just some simple tricks that will work for a lot of situations, such as: 

Use Body Language

Use body language to show interest, like leaning in. Do this when she talks. Women love when men show interest by leaning forward and listening closely, as it makes them feel special. 

Smile at her during the conversation. This shows that you’re happy with what she’s saying. If it makes her feel good, then there’s no reason not to smile at the right time. 

The more eye contact between two people means they’re more likely to be interested in each other. Keep your eyes locked if there is a chance to make her feel your attraction and make her melt. 

Be Confident But Not Arrogant

Being confident is the key to getting a girl’s attention. But don’t go overboard, or you’ll just come off as a brag and someone that most women don’t like to go out with. That means being humble enough not to brag about things that aren’t really all that impressive. 

Say something about how you love music and that it helps you feel relaxed after a long day, and that is an opening line for her to ask what kind of music you listen to. You can answer honestly without sounding like you are boasting. 

Put Your Best Self Forward

Be yourself, but make sure you put your best self forward. If you’re not a morning person, and she is, don’t say anything about it. Instead, suggest doing something in the evening instead of waking up early to meet her for coffee.

If she’s into sports and fitness and you’re not, don’t pretend that this is something that interests you just because she does. Let her know up front as she’ll appreciate your honesty more than anything else.

Be Clean And Smell Nice 

Clean up, dress well, and smell good. A shower and brushing your teeth are a must, as well as washing your hair and wearing clean clothes with no holes in them. If she can smell that you haven’t showered in days, it won’t go well for you at all. 

Reach Out And Touch Her

Use touch sparingly, but when you do touch, be confident and don’t hold back too long. Touching is a great way to show interest and attraction, but you don’t want to go overboard with it. 

If you’re too shy about touching, it can seem like you’re not interested. On the other hand, if your touches are too aggressive or frequent, then she might think that you’re desperate for her attention.

In Conclusion

Make her feel special by doing these few tricks that will make you get that lovely girl’s attention.