Day 1 | Wednesday, 2 June 2021
Perspectives, Strategy and Legislative Challenges for the PET value chain
Session 1 "2019 PET market, Collection & Recycling Rates"

PET market 2019 and impact of Covid 19

Helen McGeough, ICIS - Presentation

Update regarding PET trays

Ana Fernández, Klöckner Pentaplast - Presentation

Update regarding Opaque and Functional PET bottles

Alessandra Funcia, Sukano - Presentation

Session 2 "EU Legislation - where are we headed?"

EU Plastic Tax and its implementation in the member states

Emmanuelle Maincent, European Commission - Presentation

The Circular Plastics Alliance – where do we stand?

Laure Baillargeon, European Commission - Presentation

Session 3 "Changing supply & demand: viewpoints from the value chain"

VPET: PET producers' view

Antonello Ciotti, Chairman of CPME - Presentation

RPET: PET recyclers' view

Casper van den Dungen, Poly Recycling Ag - Presentation

PET converters' view (Preforms)

Marc de Voogd, ALPLA Group - Presentation

PET converters’ view (Trays)

Nicolas Lorenz, Paccor - Presentation

Day 2 | Thursday, 3 June 2021
Trends in PET Collection, Sorting, Recycling & Circularity

Session 4 "2019 PET market, Collection & Recycling Rates"

DRS – where are we headed?

Clarissa Morawski, Reloop Platform - Presentation

Curbside – where are we headed

Patrick Laevers, Fostplus - Presentation

Trends in Sorting – Roadmap for Digital Watermarks and Artificial Intelligence

Frédéric Durand, Tomra - Presentation

Session 5 "Trends in Design for Recycling"

PET Tray Recyclability Evaluation Platform and EPBP Update

Luca Stramare, Corepla - Presentation

Update on Recyclass

Paolo Glerean, Aliplast - Presentation

Session 6 "Monomer Recycling - where is circular PET headed?"

Legislative Update

Mike Neal, Petkonsept - Presentation

Update from The PET Monomer Recycling SIG

Martin Stephan, Carbios - Presentation

The brand owner’s perspective

Jean-François Briois, Nestlé Waters - Presentation

Session 7 "Circularity of PET - opportunities beyond recycling"

Update from the PET communications campaign

Carl-Eric Portaels, Petcore Europe - Presentation

Involving the consumer to increase circularity

Eric Schaffner, Zeloop - Presentation

Reuse – how can the industry combine the concept with recycling?

Sebastian Lemp, ALPLA Group - Presentation